By joining our program, you automatically accept the terms of use. They apply to all our members and advertisers.


1.1. You are allowed to open a single account by IP address and you are not allowed to connect by proxy or network sharing.

1.2. Your payment accounts must be unique and not shared with another user.

1.3. Only one account can be opened per major member and if more than one account is opened, all of these accounts will be permanently and automatically suspended.

1.4. We keep the right to terminate your account in cases such as spamming, cheating or general misuse of the system.

1.5. You must log in and click on the advertisements at least once every 30 days to keep your account active. Inactive accounts will be deleted.

1.6. Accounts that will be deleted or inactive will not be able to recover their balances.

1.7. We take no responsibility for the investments you make.

1.8. It should be noted that the use of software to automatically click on advertisements is prohibited. If you use this type of software, your account will be deleted without notice.


2.1. Each ad can be viewed once per user every 24 hours.

2.2. You can't promote adult, phishing or illicit sites.

2.3. Advertisements that break the frame and/or launch redirects will be automatically deleted.

2.4. Advertising campaign purchases are not refundable but we can refund you if you have not launched your advertising campaign CdClicks.

2.5. By becoming a member of cdclicks you can receive promotional email but you can unsubscribe from our database if you contact us CdClicks, 2.6. You are agree to receive e-mails from our advertisers.


3.1. All payments sent to our users will be made by secure payment systems.

3.2. If you have received a payment, you must display a proof of payment (screenshot) in the special section in the formum to receive your next payment.

3.3. You can ask for a payment only if you have reached the payment threshold. (Currently 1.00 €)

3.4. We reserve the right to change the methods and/or the payment threshold.

3.5. CdClicks is not responsible for any payment or charge required by your payment system.

3.6. CdClicks will not be held liable for any type of delays or failures or any situations beyond our control.

3.7. The time to receive your payment is between 48 hours and a few days depending on the method of payment you have chosen.


4.1. The rent of the referrals works according to the availability. If no referral is available, you will be able to try again later.

4.2. Clicks made by your referral will be credited to your account instantly. However, depending on the server overload, they can be credited within 24 hours.

4.3. You are not allowed to send unsolicited messages or to oblige anyone, by any other means, to become your godson.

4.4. You can only consult the members of your household to be your referrals.

4.5. You can also not use any service that allows you to sell your referrals.

4.6. By default, as a standard member, you are limited to 200 direct referrals but you can increase this limit with a premium membership.


5.1. We reserve the right to modify our terms of use at any time with or without notice to our users.

5.2. We will keep you informed of changes in the terms of use however it is your responsibility to stay informed.